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Throughout the United States, there are several different kinds of pipes that are utilized in residences—copper, galvanized iron, polybutylene, CPVC, PEX, etc. And they all have their own problems, mostly having to do with leaks. Leaks are costly and probably the best sign that it's time to repipe.

There are three main return on investment (ROI) drivers:

  1. Reduced maintenance cost: Once leaks start, the cost to repair leaks and rehabilitate damaged units tends to rise over time. Repiping stops leaks and eliminates future maintenance costs.
  2. Increased occupancy: A property with a history of leaks creates a negative experience for the occupant, causing increased turnover, longer vacancy times, and potentially reduce rental rates. Thus, repiping can often times improve occupancy rates.
  3. Higher property values: Properties with unmitigated leaks may develop mold problems, reducing buyer universe willing to invest. Higher occupancy & rental rates directly increase NOI and property values, thus increasing interest from the buyer universe.

As our name implies, we are repiping specialists; and that’s all we do!

They have an abnormally high rate of failure under typical operating conditions. Degeneration due to chlorine water ingredients is the main cause of the failures. When you get a leak in a polybutylene pipe, it is usually serious since the deterioration of the pipe takes place from within.

Polybutylene pipe leaks are unforeseeable and there are no signs to warn of an upcoming leak. Once leaks start, usually many more follow.

Damages from polybutylene leaks can be very expensive. Insurance companies can cancel or refuse policies. The presence of polybutylene will likely impact a unit or complex’s value.

They tend to become brittle and crack over time. Small leaks in CPVC pipes are a serious problem because the leaking water can lead to mold and mildew buildup, creating significant potential remediation costs and potentially reducing property values.

Units built with copper pipes are particularly vulnerable to pinhole leaks. Although the pipes in older units are more vulnerable to leaks, newer pipes can develop leaks just as easily. With copper, future leaks are unforeseeable and there are typically no signs other than other previous leaks you may have already had.

When they occur, leaks can cause significant structural damage, mold and cosmetic damage to your complex. Usually, the worst issue is resident dissatisfaction to continuous leak repairs, damage and inconvenience resulting in additional unnecessary vacancies. This can become a huge cost to any complex.

No. Our technicians are trained to keep units clean and neat while also protecting floors and furnishings. Plus, we fully clean our job sites after each day.

Yes, we are a fully licensed contractor in each state in which we operate. See our location directory at the top of the page, for state-specific license information.


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