Repiping Solutions for Multi-Family, Resident-Occupied Properties

Multi-Family Property Repiping

At Repipe Specialists we’ve created a proprietary repiping system, designed specifically for occupied multifamily buildings.

Occupied Multifamily projects present a unique set of challenges as they often have hundreds of units and individual residents. It’s crucial to have a thoroughly tested and systematic approach to the entire process.

Repipe Specialists’ patented One-Stop Repipe™ process for occupied multi-family complexes is your guaranteed solution.

We expertly and seamlessly provide repiping solutions for commercial and multi-family properties across the United States.

Multi-Family Property Repiping

From recurring leak damage to disruptions in service, we provide a permanent solution to failing plumbing systems.

Hydronic System Solutions

We efficiently and cost-effectively replace hydronic pipes for commercial and multi-family properties.

Turnkey Replacement Services

From pipes to drain, waste, and vent, Repipe Specialists is one singular, accountable solution.

Replacement Services

We ensure the safety of occupants with new, up-to-date fire suppression systems installed by our expert teams.

Multi-family properties can bring a multitude of challenges.

Utilizing our proprietary One Stop Repipe process, we eliminate the cascading problems that can cause a repipe project to become a painful, major construction nightmare. Instead, we ensure it is a well-managed series of individual unit, minor plumbing upgrades.

The Repipe Specialists’ Difference

  • Unit plumbing completed in 1 day

  • Residents DON’T need to move out

  • On-site project management

  • 24-hour customer service line

  • Custom website for each project

  • 30+ years of experience

  • 75,000+ units completed

  • Nationwide coverage

Once Pipes Start Leaking…
They Don’t Stop

As pipes age or defective plumbing material begins to fail, leaks become a continual problem and a considerable expense. Repiping your property becomes the only cost-effective and long-term solution.

Repipe Specialists’ One-Stop Repipe™ process has been designed specifically for occupied residential communities. Using highly specialized repipe teams and technology-enhanced project management systems, our process ensures minimal impact on every resident and maximum efficiency for the entire repipe project.

The Common Problems


Water Damage

Low Water Pressure

Discolored Water

Disrupted Residents

Rising Insurance Deductibles and Potential Loss of Coverage

Turnkey Multi-Family Property Repiping

From preliminary bid submission to the project’s full completion, our process and protocols ensure a successful community-wide repipe. All projects have full-time onsite Project Managers who:

  • Conduct townhall meetings with residents
  • Distribute notices to units
  • Conduct pre-job walkthrough of all units with residents
  • Coordinate and meets with city inspectors
  • Regularly update project schedules
  • Meet with property staff as necessary
  • Manage plumbing and drywall crews
  • Are available 24/7 to answer questions


For property owners and residents:
Once final approvals have been obtained, we:

  • Acquire all needed permits
  • Review complete project timing with management
  • Notify all residents with a series of notices


Working in each occupied unit, we want to ensure residents understand who we are, what we’re doing, and why we’re here. With Town Hall Meetings held on-site by our staff, we have a Q&A session to resolve any questions.


A customized website will be created for your project that will include project details and scheduling times, and will provide frequent updates. Additionally, we provide videos, project leadership contact info, FAQs, etc.

Inside The One-Stop Repipe™ Process

Replacing plumbing in multi-family complexes with hundreds of residents at once requires experience, expertise, seamless operations, constant communication, and our One-Stop Repipe™ process that anticipates and prevents issues before they arise.

Permit Process

We work with the local inspection authority well before the project starts so that inspections go smoothly.

Prejob Walkthrough

5-7 days prior to the start of the repipe in a unit, we perform a thorough walkthrough with the occupant so they understand what is going to occur and are prepared for the process.

Staging Area

For most projects, a 20 ft. container is sufficient and set up in a centralized location.

Dust Mitigation

All projects include on-site preparations for dust containment. Targeted work areas will be covered extensively with plastic sheeting and drop cloths.

Drywall Opening

Drywall cuts are made, and each piece is labeled for maximum efficiency.

New Plumbing

The existing plumbing is disconnected, and the new piping system is installed. For most units the repipe phase will be completed in just one day, and all units, are guaranteed to have water every evening.

Drywall Installed

Our drywall specialists patch all affected areas. Each patch will be seamlessly and uniformly blended in with adjoining areas.

Painting (Optional)

Our precision painting team will begin the blending process. Our technicians will ensure each area consistently blends in with adjacent areas, appearing as they did before the renovations started.

Final Walkthrough

Our Project Manager will inspect each unit with owner representatives to ensure all work was performed according to the scope and to the owner’s satisfaction.


Our project managers and teams work seamlessly and expertly, bringing confidence to every job. Projects are completed on time and within budget, and we constantly communicate with property owners. We even build an online site for the project so owners can see how the job is progressing. Additionally, we have a call center for quick and easy communication that includes a 24-hour customer service line.

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